BOB WEIR'S Current Set-Up

Bobby's rack pics
                                Front        Lower Front  

Bob's using 2 single 12" cabs.
loaded w/alnico magnet, hemp cone
TONE TUBBY® speakers.
AJ just for fun did some orange county chopper mods to Weir's speakers

       Bobby's new Modulus G3FH      
The Alvarez WY-1    has both a pick up and a small condesor
                                   mic installed internally         

                                  -a closer look at the WY-1


               Fender Telecaster- the story
  Neumann "live" condenser (KMS-105) mic
Modulus G3FH full-hollow carved-top
  Built by Guitar Specialist Rich Hoeg, the instrument features a solid hand-carved Sitka spruce top, highly figured quilted maple hollow body (the back and sides are a solid block of maple hollowed out), 5A quilted maple/carbon fiber Genesis neck, ivoroid binding and chechen fingerboard. The custom carbon fiber tailpiece was hand-crafted by Rich. Electronics include two floating mini-humbucker pickups with a 3-way selector switch with master volume and tone controls.
  What kind of strings does Bob like?
.010 - .0465 w/.0165 plain G 3rd and the wound G 3rd.
.011 - .0465 w/ wound G 3rd.
.013 - .052 w/ wound G 3rd.
  Their expensive, around $20.00 a set
  Bob likes the little tiny red "nylon jazz I " picks by Jim Dunlop
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