Festival                                 Rukind

Hey, if crazy's what you want, there's way to much to miss,
At the festival
If you're lookin' for romance, well you can find this,
Down at the festival
Or maybe some adventure, maybe with a little twist,
Down at the festival
Yeah the festival, festival

Plenty color in the sun, but look out for the shade
At the festival
If you're lookin' for some fun, you got it made,
Down at the festival
Don't need no excuse to have a parade,
Down at the festival Hey the festival, festival

Anything you want
Anything you want

Leapers, lepers, lunatics, hustlers, whores, and thieves
Fortune tellers, diplomats, and some you won't believe
Play for fun and play for keeps, you know they play with fire too
And comes the veil of the night, God knows what they do
World of wonder, watch the temperature climb

Ev'ryone's a different breed, fast and loose is in style,
At the festival
You won't get far on greed, or on bluff, or on guile,
Down at the festival
Most anything you need, you can get it with a smile
At the festival Festival, festival

Bet you didn't know the circus is in town,
Yeah, at the festival
When you go downtown, just take a look around,
It's at the festival
Just trade in your reservations for a night of gettin' down,
Down at the festival Festival, festival

Anything you want
Anything you want

Hey, they'll be reachin' in your pockets, they'll be puttin' you on
But what you got to lose, that's already gone
They got one of ev'ry kind, Crazies, clouds and kings
No tellin' what you're gonna find, some most amazing things
Yeah, roll the thunder, let the bells chime, Until they put me under, it's festival time

Yeah, the festival