My Brother Esau                      Rukind-tab
(Weir/Barlow)                                    Deadstein

My brother Esau killed the hunter, back in 1969,
Before the killing was done his inheritance was mine.
When at first my brother walked away, Before a weary band,
Esau gave his sleeplessness for a piece of moral land.

Our father favored Esau, who was eager to obey,
All the wild commandments, the old man shot his way.
But all this favor ended when, my brother failed at war,
He staggered home and found me in the door.

Esau skates on mirrors anymore,
Leaves his pale reflection on the door
Sometimes at night I dream, he's still that hairy man,
Shadow boxing the apocalypse, wandering the land.

Esau holds the blessing, brother Esau holds the curse,
I was thinking that the blame was mine,
But suspected something worse.
The more my brother looks like me, the less I understand,
The silent war it bloodied both our hands.
We're fighting a war neither of us can understand.
None of us can win. Never win. Never win.
(Shadowboxing the apocalypse, wandering the land) X6