On The Road Again                 Rukind-tab
(Traditional)                                      Deadstein

Why I married a fat girl, tell you the reason why
Bad girls don’t ever do things on the sly
Look for your supper to be good and hot
She never even put a stew bone in the pot

She’s on the road again, sure as you’re born
Natural born easy on the road again
She’s on the road again, sure as you’re born

Friend come by, say he’s lookin’ for his hat,
Wants to know where your husbands at,
Say "I don’t know, he’s on his way to the pen"
Come on pretty mama, let’s get on the road again

Went to my house, my front door was locked,
Went round to my window, Lord, my window was locked,
Jumped on back, shook my head,
Big old rounder in my foldin’ bed
Shot through the window, broke the glass,
I never seen that little rounder run so fast.

Come on pretty mama, let's get on the road again.