Run For The Roses                  Rukind-tab
(Garcia/Hunter)                                      Deadstein

Run,run, run for the roses, the quicker it opens, the sooner it closes.
Man, oh man, oh friend of mine, all good things in all good time.

Reach for the sun, catch hold of the moon.
They’re both too heavy, but what can you do.
Reach for the stars, smack into the sky.
You don't want to live but you're chicken to die.
Ohhh, you're chicken to die.

Run for the money, caught short on the rent.
Big ideas, but the cash is all spent.
The trouble with love is it's other face.
You just want a cup, but you don't want the race.
No, you don't want the race.

Run for the rose, get caught on the briar.
Your warming to love, next thing there's a fire.
You got the Do Re, I got the Mi.
I got the notion that we're all at sea.
Yes, we're all at sea.