Samson & Delilah             Rukind-tab  Darksaw
(Traditional)                                 Deadstein

If I had my way,
I would tear this old buil ding down.
Delilah was a woman, she was fine and fair,
She had lovely looks, and coal black hair.
Delilah she gained old Samson's mind.
When first he saw this woman, she looked so fine.
Delilah she climbed up on Samson's knee,
Said, "Tell me where your strength lies if you please."
And She spoke so kind, God knows, she talked so fair,
Samson said, "Delilah, you cut off my hair.
You can shave my head, clean as my hand
My strength come's natural as any old man.

If I had my way,
If I had my way,
If I had my way,

I would tear this old building down."

You read about Samson, all from his birth,
He was the strongest man that ever had lived on earth.
One day when Samson was walking along,
Looked down on the ground, he saw an old jawbone.
He stretched out his arm, God knows, chains broke like thread,
When he got to moving, ten thousand was dead.

Now Samson and the lion, they got in attack,
Samson he crawled up on the lion's back.
You read about this lion, he killed a man with his paws,
Samson got his hands up around that lion's jaws.
And he ripped that beast, God knows he killed him dead.
And the bees made honey in the lion's head.