Two Souls In Communion      Rukind
(Ron McKernan)

What are they seeing,
When they look in each other's eyes?
What are they feeling,
When they see each other smile?
Is it a love,
I've never known
Or an emotion
That I've outgrown?

Did I take a wrong turn in
On life's winding road?
Won't somebody help me find the
Find the right way to go?
My life need some correction,
Alteration and direction.
Won't somebody stand by me
Case I fall, case I fall, in case I fall

What is the secret
Of this tie that binds?
Two souls in communion,
Both body and mind.
Is it special magic,
Or just the nature of things?
Conceived of great spirit,
Not for beggars or kings.

You who have found it
Please help me along.
I'm a man, I'm a man,
I'm not made out of stone.
My needs they are simple,
I don't want many things,
But I surely want to ride on them wings of love
One more time.

The improv just goes on the following pattern